Words can explain the mysteries of life or help visualize the simple wonder of a child seeing their first rainbow.  Best of all they can tell the story of two people who against all odds, meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Which to me, is the way it should be.  I’m a sucker for a happy ending!”


Her education is from the University of North Texas with continuing courses in creative writing from other area colleges.  “I never want to stop learning.  And I will never stop writing.  It’s so engrained I will no doubt leave this world with pen in hand.  Or keyboard, as it were!”

A long-standing member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) she carries memberships in several local chapters where she has served on the board.  As often as possible, she volunteers to judge literary competitions.  “For me, its not just ‘judging’ someone’s work, but more, it allows me an opportunity to give something back.  I will never forget the people who took the time to give me the help I needed-and still do.  I am and always will be very grateful.”

In her spare time, Lauren raises, grooms, and shows Wire Fox Terriers.  “My first homebred boy, Nelson, took three Best In Shows by age two and qualified for the Eukanuba Invitational. “Don’t ask about my fuzzy babies unless you have time to kill. I’ll talk your ears off!  This breed requires the coat be hand stripped. Some people knit to relax. I pull out hair.  At least it isn't my own.   Yet.”

She also enjoys playing guitar, dulcimer or piano in an acoustic music club a “There has to be time for music!” And more often, she’s riding her black and white paint Tennessee Walker, Tobias.

“My literary journey has been challenging, often frustrating, and sometimes heartbreaking.  But I’ve also cried tears of joy, basking in the glow of small successes gained along the way. I’ve made some terrific life-long friends and I wouldn’t trade one minute for anything in the world.”







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Lauren has won multiple awards for her literary work in both romantic fiction and poetry including winning the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart .  

“I love the written word.  It has always amazed me how certain words placed in a particular sequence can evoke an entire gambit of emotion in the reader.  Laugh, cry, or scare the hell out of you!

To see more of my crazy fuzzy babies click the above link to Pinerest!